When you are removing your flooring, stone or tile from your home or workplace, you shouldn’t have to worry about cleaning a huge mess afterwards We hope to help you realize the difference between hiring any old tile removal company versus a premium dust free tile removal service. There is a distinct difference, let us explain.

Hiring an Ordinary Flooring Removal Company

Imagine you pay a company to remove the tile from your home. You come home to find the tile gone, yes, but a thick layer of dust has now coated your entire home! As you look around, you see plastic sheeting draped over all of your furniture, counter tops and ventilation. A thick powder now rests on your floor, in your carpet, on the walls and everywhere else. Some of that dust even manages to get past the plastic sheeting. What a mess!

normal dusty tile removal results

Hiring DustSharkz for a clean and dust free tile Removal Job

Instead of this situation, imagine coming home and everything is exactly how you left it. No furniture has been moved, no plastic in sight, but your tile and flooring is now perfectly gone. This is a job done right. With DustSharkz, this is a reality. We make clients happy every day.

dust free tile removal
dust free tile removal with DustSharkz. No dust on that counter top!

This is just one unlucky home that chose to go with an ordinary flooring removal company. Avoid this mess, choose DustSharkz. We eat the dust so you don’t have to!

This unlucky person chose to purchase from an average flooring removal company

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