Dust Free Tile Removal & Interior Demolition

Say Goodbye to Dust & Debris
Dust Free

Flooring Removal

Our dust-free removal ensures a cleaner, healthier living space without the normal dusty disaster. Trust DustSharkz for a professional, seamless service, leaving the subfloors ready for the next step.
Dust free flooring removal
Dust Free Flooring Removal
Clean Box

Interior Demolition

We efficiently remove cabinets, counter tops, showers, pillars, non-load bearing walls and more, saving you time and money. No mess, no stress. Providing a safe, fast and clean removal every time.
Interior demolition service
Interior Demolition Services

The DustSharkz Difference


As pioneers in the dust-free tile removal industry, DustSharkz employs industrial-grade HEPA vacuums, specialized tools, and a unique removal process that captures dust at its source. This meticulous approach prevents the creation of a messy and dusty aftermath, ensuring a job that is truly dust-free.Traditional tile removal methods generate harmful dust that settles on ceilings, walls, furniture, and draperies. It infiltrates closets, cabinets, air vents, and ductwork, persistently spreading for weeks or even months. Routine cleaning proves ineffective. At DustSharkz, we guarantee a genuinely dust-free tile or floor removal. Our custom equipment and knowledgeable staff not only deliver a pristine result but also leave your home noticeably cleaner.


The DustSharkz dust-free removal system swiftly eliminates ceramic or porcelain tile, natural stone, wood, vinyl, and adhesives, outpacing traditional methods. Our efficiency stems from forgoing the time-consuming process of hanging and removing ineffective plastic sheeting. Equipped with industry-proven tools specifically designed for dust-free tile and flooring removal projects, our experienced crews have perfected this method over years. This ensures your project is executed cleanly and efficiently, utilizing the right tools to achieve completion in the shortest possible time.


Tile and stone removal involve breaking up the tile, grout, and thinset on the concrete slab, releasing fine silica dust—a known carcinogen regulated by OSHA for exposure levels. Charged with static electricity, these dust particles cling to surfaces until they lose their charge and fall, posing risks to eyes and respiratory systems. This dust can cause irritation, allergic reactions, or trigger asthma attacks. DustSharkz employs a dust-free tile removal method, mitigating the risks associated with this dust. It's not just a cleaner tile removal; it's a healthier choice for your family, friends, and pets, prioritizing safety for both you and our employees.

What Our Satisfied Customers Are Saying...

"This was the most amazing process! There was no plastic draped over anything. When they say "dust free" it's the truth. My husband has respiratory issues, so this was our preferred method, to go with DustSharkz. But, regardless, I would recommend them to everyone. They worked efficiently and stayed on the job until it was done. The workers were very friendly and courteous.They arrived on time and were careful to protect are surrounding areas. The tile was removed and was truly dustless. In and out in half a day, with nothing for us to clean up afterwards. What a blessing!"

Annette Foster
Mesa, AZ

"We had 1,500 square feet of ceramic tile and baseboards removed and they did an amazing job - all completed in ONE DAY! A really hard working crew - the lead was easy to communicate with and each person worked incredibly hard and diligently. They answered all of my questions up front and everything was left smooth and clean for my new floors. Worth every penny. No corners cut and my newer cabinets and other things were left in fine shape."

Christopher F.
Scottsdale, AZ

"DustSharkz tile removal delivered!!!! I will begin with this. I truly believe that the service this company provided, could be the best I’ve ever received from any outfit I’ve hired. Called them Wednesday, they were here three days later on Sat. 9am. 900 sq. feet of porcelain tile and all the thin set removed in five hours. They said dust free, which I was somewhat skeptical about, however they were true to their word. The crew of 5 were extremely efficient and covered everywhere they could. When grinding the thin set, every tool had an attached vacuum hose. Highly recommend this company, and best of all, they were the best priced of three of their competitors! (By far)"

Ang De Lorenzi
Gilbert, AZ

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