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At DustSharkz we understand the concerns that come along with tile and flooring removal. Our dust-free tile removal process is truly the best tile removal process. DustShark employees are all former tile and stone installers who have over 25 years in the flooring side of residential remodeling. We are extremely familiar with the problems associated with the removal process and have been dealing with it for years. Our experience gives us an edge when it comes to knowing what’s needed for a successful installation of new flooring and how we would like to see it if we were to install the new floors.


How Does your dust free tile removal system work?2018-04-24T03:00:41-07:00

The system is made up of our specialized equipment and well-trained flooring professionals. We provide a service that removes your tile in a much much cleaner way and in a much faster timeframe. Our system removes the tile and thin-set without having to rely on using all of the plastic sheeting that is normally used but less knowledgeable contractors. Our specialized equipment captures the dust before it gets into the air in the first place.

I have had my tile removed before and I know it’s a real mess. How well does your dust free system really work?2018-08-07T19:36:11-07:00

It works amazingly well! If you have seen it in person you would know what a pain it is to remove tile in the old-fashioned way. You would typically use a sledgehammer or electric chipping hammer and just chip away at the tile shooting dust into all the farthest reaches of your home. A job of around 1,000 square feet of tile can produce somewhere around 600 pounds of dust that can blanket your house, furniture, and possessions, and you breathe it in for months. Thankfully the DustSharkz system prevents those problems with toxic substances such as silica concrete dust. Our system works so incredibly well because we catch the dust at the source before it has the chance to escape into the air.

I spoke with others in the tile industry who told me that they just use plastic and tape to contain all of the dust.2018-04-24T02:59:07-07:00

The use of plastic lining and tape has a small margin of success. We know, we have tried it many times! The only way to really prevent the big dusty mess is to capture the dust during the removal process. The DustSharkz system captures it the second that it is created. No need to empty your pantries and other rooms of their valuables because we will get the job done without the dust escaping. No fuss, no muss and NO DUST.

Who can benefit the most from this service?2018-04-24T02:58:22-07:00

The DustSharkz system is best designed to help homeowners and individuals who may have respiratory illnesses such as asthma and allergies. We would also like to point out that it is great for the elderly, pets and newborn children. You definitely don’t want any of them breathing in those harmful toxins. We pride ourselves on the fact that we get the job done in a clean and green way, without any negative health side effects. Its also a great benefit to those who have a house full of items that they don’t want to clean many time over the next several months!

I currently already have a company I go through to do my tile tear outs. Why should I go through you instead?2018-04-24T02:56:40-07:00

We provide a very specialized service that other removal companies simply can’t do. You have probably noticed in the past all of the dust in the air and on every square inch of the house with one of your older crews. We will provide your removal dust free and help protect the inhabitants and their valuables. We know from experience how much more professional you will look with your clients because of this service. Why start a remodel project by destroying the house? Also, no need to worry about breathing issues and valuables getting left in layers of dust. We believe there will come a time when dust free removal will become the standard in the remodel industry and DustSharkz will be there as a leader in the field.

I am a flooring installer and I have always thought that it was a pain to remove tile and would rather not have to do it. Could I go through your company directly for my tear outs?2018-04-24T02:56:03-07:00

Of Course! At DustSharkz we are specialist at removing tile just as you are the experts at installing them! We leave the floors much flatter and ready for an install, and it will be done cleaner and quicker too, making you look more professional to your client. Incorporating DustSharkz into your business model could be of the most important decisions you can make, and there is a way for you to make money with us as well. Please contact us to explain how!

You mention that you cover the greater Phoenix area. How far do you extend your services?2018-08-07T19:39:18-07:00

Our dust free tile removal in Arizona covers all of the Phoenix metro area for now. Call if you have questions about an out of town project.

How long does a typical project take?2018-04-24T02:53:44-07:00

Well, there are no “typical” jobs. Every job is different and has its own challenges. But what we can say is that the process is much faster than the old way due to the specialized tooling and experience that DustSharkz bring to bear.

What are your prices like?2018-04-24T02:54:23-07:00

I think you will find our prices to be very reasonable for the service provided. First off, we will save you the expense of hiring a cleaning crew to professionally remove all the dust in your home. Second, we will save you time because our system is simply much faster than others methods of tile removal. Third, we will save your health from breathing in those harmful substances that will cut back on doctors visits in the future. Call for pricing based on your project or talk to a participating retailer or installation company.

How can I prepare my home for the tear out?2018-04-24T02:55:03-07:00

Once you have decided to go with the DustSharkz system and have scheduled a date we ask that you kindly move your furniture and anything that would block access to your tile. We will move in with our machinery and get the job done quick. Anything blocking access will only delay the work getting finished. We would like to help you get finished in a timely manner so please help us help you.

What payment methods do you accept?2021-05-16T15:00:18-07:00

We are happy to accept cash as well as credit cards with the exception of American Express.

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Keith W. – Owner of 1 Call Contractors

When I need tile removal I now exclusively use DustSharkz. I’ve used them dozens of times. They provide great service at a fair price and the techs are professional and courteous. They leave the site clean and dust free and I would recommend them to anyone who wants their old tile gone without all the mess and associated problems.

Peter V. – Owner/GC of Petovic LLC

I recently hired DustSharkz to remove 1600 sq ft of porcelain tile at the home of one of my clients. The service was excellent! The guys are so hard working and they were fast, polite, and they left the job amazingly clean and ready for the new flooring. None of the horrible lingering dust that normally happens.

I have used other services that make a lot of promises, put up yards and yards of plastic, but ended up being so dirty and dusty that they actually set off the fire alarm. I will never go back because my clients deserve better. DustSharkz made this part of the job easy, clean, and quick so we could move on with the rest of the remodeling. I highly recommend them!


We had the guys from DustSharkz out to remove the builder grade tile in our home upon possession so we could install the tile of our choice. They showed up when promised, worked diligently and professionally to get the job done and they left the site looking brand new. It’s not a quiet process, so maybe plan to be out of the house for the day, but worth the extra effort to have it done dust free. I had a black briefcase on my desk during the process and you wouldn’t have known anything had gone on in the house. The briefcase was still black and not covered in dust. I definitely recommend them.

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